Thumbnail for The Conundrum of Authentic Advertising
Thumbnail for Preserving Wayang Golek through Activity-based Lesson Plan in Primary School
Thumbnail for Medium and Message; Taking Digital Art Out of Context.
Thumbnail for Discussions of Personality and Personal Effects–Visual Communication and Publication Design as a Tool for Complimenting Collections.
Thumbnail for I got the power: an exploration of service design to empower student participation in designing solutions for self-regulated learning
Thumbnail for The Neurodiverse Connections Design Research Toolkit
Thumbnail for Easy navigation from A to B: designing a user-centred map for Melbourne Public Transport
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Thumbnail for How to use service design to achieve a win-win situation for merchants, consumers and the environment?
Thumbnail for Explore Approaches to Evoke Happiness in Photography and Typography
Thumbnail for A storytelling experience to engage children with environment sustainability
Thumbnail for Marketing Greater Social Justice
Thumbnail for A design exploration on visual and symbolic languages that aid critical thinking
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Thumbnail for Chinese symbols in Australia
Thumbnail for Challenging Women’s Beauty Standards in Media Through Type Design
Thumbnail for Speculating on Plausible Manipulation of Personal Data 
Experience trailer, Ali 2029
Thumbnail for How can communication design practice be used to speculate about humans adapting to life underwater
Thumbnail for How can service design make students/newcomers visit more often in the traditional food market? (Queen Victoria Market)
Thumbnail for Daily News: A digital Platform for Local Journalism
Thumbnail for A study of Japanese influenced packaging design for Thai products
Thumbnail for How can design thinking enable international students to connect with their new communities and develop a genuine feeling of belonging and community efficacy?
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Thumbnail for The Future of the Independent Design Media
Thumbnail for Designing a national branding for Malaysia
Thumbnail for Metric: Mapping controls of parametric fonts for low vision accessibility
Thumbnail for Co-Design for Community Create Public Policy
Thumbnail for Stakito: Multi-sensorial game-based learning for Dyslexia
Thumbnail for Up? Down? Left? Right? - Experiencing Vietnamese diacritics in the type design process
Thumbnail for Machine learning assisted design: a design exploration of my generative symbol design practice
Thumbnail for Typography for non-designers: An interactive website
Thumbnail for Present and future:Explore future lifestyles through speculative design
Thumbnail for How can we create a more homely and playful children’s hospital waiting room environment?
Thumbnail for Indigenous seasons interpretation with the comparison between different culture background
Thumbnail for Retail Experience Design for Consumption in Our New Era
Thumbnail for Chat with Art: To design a user-centred mobile app for the National Gallery of Victoria
Thumbnail for Pop-up Book for Kids
Thumbnail for Fruit label design for people with Colour Vision Deficiency
Thumbnail for Towards healthy sleep: Exploring persuasion theory in User Interface design
Thumbnail for How illustrations play a role in the travel industry
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Thumbnail for Histories in Comics
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